May 5, 2020

A message from Joan Hartmann: Our Party

A message from Joan Hartmann

Dear Friend,

We are living in extraordinary times. Now, with COVID-19, many people are struggling as never before. Daily, each of us receives distress calls for funds and, for those who still have discretionary income, it is difficult to know how to set priorities.

For me, the November elections top the list. These contests will determine how our federal, state, and local governments respond to the critical issues laid bare by this crisis. Our local Democratic Party drives the grassroots effort essential for success at all levels. I ask you to join me in putting the Democratic Party at the top of your list and, if you’re able, click here to make a contribution today.

I’d like to share what the local party has meant to me. First, it has elected a team of players at the top who really deliver results. Salud, Hannah-Beth, and Monique are right there whenever my office, my constituents or the County need assistance. Critically, the team extends to city council members and special district board directors, who are key to energy, water, land-use and transportation policies that affect us all. Under the proud banner of our local Democratic Party, we have campaigned together and we stick together, making each of us far more effective in office.

Second, the local party has been at the heart of my successful campaigns. Year-round, the party builds esprit de corps and expands capacity by hosting events and speakers, offering training and assistance, and supporting local clubs throughout the county. The party has also made a huge investment in bridging the North-South divide. They are weaving the local chapters into a tight-knit network at-the-ready to win campaigns—to walk, knock, and talk—so together we can build one county with a better future.

Without the local party and its dedicated and talented core – including party Chair Gail Teton-Landis and Organizing Director Spencer Brandt — we would not hold this Third District seat; Santa Barbara County would not have a progressive Board of Supervisors and our County would be permanently and radically damaged.

We have an enormous amount of work to do in our own backyard as we prepare for the November elections. COVID-19 requires creative new and costly strategies. From special districts and city councils, to our state and federal representatives, all the way up to the top of the ticket, our local Dem Party pulls us together into winning teams. I ask you to join me in supporting the Democratic Party: click here to make a donation today. Please make a stretch gift so that we can keep our campaign office and core staff, expand voter registrations, get out the vote, and make our County and country more vibrantly Blue.

Stay well and stay engaged.

With heartfelt appreciation,