Darcél Elliott

Chair, Santa Barbara County Democratic Party

It’s an honor to serve as Chair of the Santa Barbara County Democratic Party – an organization I have been involved in for twelve and a half years in a variety of roles: as a campaign organizer and manager for seventeen Democratic endorsed candidates over twelve election cycles and as staff for an elected official advancing policies in our platform.

The backbone of my work in this Party, whether it be political campaigning or policy development, has been community organizing – empowering members of our community to take the lead on educating voters, getting their friends involved, and advancing policy goals of their neighborhood. Community organizing and empowerment is what I believe serves as the heart of the Democratic Party.

You’ll often hear the Democratic Party described as a “big tent” and that’s what happens when a political party strives to represent all the underserved and disenfranchised communities in America. It is by banding these communities together in solidarity of shared purpose that we are able to overcome years of oppression and resistance to change to make forward progress. The recent electoral changes that have happened in Georgia are a testament to what is possible when you focus on community organizing. It took decades of community building and empowerment to make that shift happen in Georgia. It requires persistence and determination. And its what community organizing is all about.

During my first campaign as an organizer, I was trained in the United Farm Workers model of organizing – by using personal visits and house meetings to find leaders. It’s the same methods I have been using throughout my career and the same model I will utilize as Chair to ensure our local party is cultivating and supporting all the talent we have throughout our county.

Santa Barbara County is a fascinating place politically. The southern part of the county is notoriously more Democratic than the northern part. However, the northern part is also incredibly diverse demographically. I was born and raised in Santa Maria, and now live in Santa Barbara, so I truly have a full county view. I am excited to continue our work to elect progressives in the southern part of the county. And I am committed to getting our North County organizers the training, resources, and support they need to flip our Northern County region from “red” to “blue.” It’s long past time for North County residents to see themselves in the local governments that represent them.

I invite you to connect to your own power and be a part of our Democratic family. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact our Organizing Director Spencer Brandt. And you can always contact me with any thoughts and insights you have regarding the Party.

In solidarity,

Darcél Elliott
Chair, Santa Barbara County Democratic Party

Organizing is providing people with an opportunity to become aware of their own capabilities and potential.” – Fred Ross, Sr., Axioms for Organizers