October 8, 2019

City Council Elections begin this week

This week, beginning Monday, October 7, voters in Santa Barbara City Council Districts 1 and 2 will receive their ballots for the 2019 City Council Election. Districts 1 and 2 include the Eastside, the Mesa, the Funk Zone, and portions of Downtown and the Westside. If you are unsure which District you reside in, click here.

This election is a vote by mail only election. That means that we are working hard to get out the vote for endorsed Democratic candidates Alejandra Gutierrez and Mike Jordan.

Alejandra Gutierrez grew up on the Eastside, attending local schools and graduating from UC Santa Barbara. She has worked her entire adult life to provide vital services to the youth and families of our city, first as a college and career counselor at Santa Barbara High School, and now as Executive Director of the Franklin Service Center.

Mike Jordan is a third generation Mesa resident who has served our community as a Planning Commissioner, Water Commissioner, and Creeks Commissioner. Throughout his career, he has established a strong record of bringing together business, nonprofits, and local government to solve problems.

If you would like to volunteer to help elect Democrats to the City Council, we welcome your help. Please sign up by clicking this link.