November 16, 2018



There is so much to say, to so many people. First off thank you to all the volunteers who made getting to the finish line possible. We appreciated all the people who phone banked, walked, or donated generously to keep our efforts going.

To the candidates who chose to run, whether you won or lost, your voices added much to the needed discussions on housing, equity, immigration, and education. To the Santa Maria Democrats, you showed courage and shined a light on democratic values in North County. I don’t believe we have ever had the opportunity to endorse 4 candidates in SM. We hope this is just a beginning.

Congratulations to Gloria Soto on her election and to Diana Perez on her re-election. And of course congratulations to Salud Carbajal, Monique Limón, Luz Reyes-Martín, Richard Mayer, Paula Perotte, James Kyriaco Jr., Robert Miller, Kate Parker, Kathleen Werner, Rose Munoz, and Al Clark.

And we also want to congratulate Marsha Croninger and Kate Ford.

Lastly, to the organizers, staff, and consultants who stood behind these candidates, we are all in this together. What a diverse and inspiring family of Democrats